Exposing Real Estate and Damn Near Anything Else.

An ex-law enforcement officer turned real estate maverick that is turning the real estate world upside down and discussing damn near anything else he decides to talk about. Scott Mosley along with his co-host Colin Sadler will expose real estate and damn near anything else. We will be interviewing thought leaders, entrepreneurs, professional athletes and many more. Some you will know, some you will get to know. Let’s look at the title of the show Exposing Real Estate and Damn Near Anything else. Exposing as in uncovering the truth AND Exposing as in pulling the curtain back on how things in the business, the professional world works, breaking them down in layman's terms. Un-muddying the water so to speak. We will also dive into exposing personal psyches, how the mind works and how to harness the powers of the mind to be your best. Exposing as you may imagine means uncovering the truths, lies and deceitful practices in real estate and other businesses. We will also expose common items that are confusing or hard to understand, common questions that arise with basic day to day things that you are exposed to each and every day as you go about your day. Discussing what a particular clause or legal language means, certain contingencies, etc. We will dive into all types of businesses from real estate, to retail establishments, to service industries, to professional sports, to the medical industry and so much more, nothing is off limits or off topic.
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Exposing Real Estate and Damn Near Anything Else.



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Jun 3, 2016

#012 - Guest: Rev. Denise Yeargin of Unity Music City Nashville / Compassion / Unity's Message / How Do We Raise A Conscious Child? / 4 Steps to Stay Conscious / Spiritual Journey to "Fit In" /  What Is a Spiritual Midwife? / Defining What a Mindfullness Coach Is/ You Create Your Reality / Much More

Live 6/2/2016 from Venue 109

Special guest Rev. Denise Yeargin of Unity Music City AKA as Rev D

We hit so many topics it will make your head spin! 

Bible is an exploration of evolving consciousness.

No one or religion has the monopoly on truth

We are what we have been waiting for - there is no second coming.

We are afraid of being big / being the light.

I can choose peace instead of an opinion!

Peace is inevitable with or without us!

People around us aren't broken they are Just vibrating at that frequency right now.

Raising A Conscious Child by Denise Yeargin as published on Dream A World

A LyKo Group Production

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