Exposing Real Estate and Damn Near Anything Else.

An ex-law enforcement officer turned real estate maverick that is turning the real estate world upside down and discussing damn near anything else he decides to talk about. Scott Mosley along with his co-host Colin Sadler will expose real estate and damn near anything else. We will be interviewing thought leaders, entrepreneurs, professional athletes and many more. Some you will know, some you will get to know. Let’s look at the title of the show Exposing Real Estate and Damn Near Anything else. Exposing as in uncovering the truth AND Exposing as in pulling the curtain back on how things in the business, the professional world works, breaking them down in layman's terms. Un-muddying the water so to speak. We will also dive into exposing personal psyches, how the mind works and how to harness the powers of the mind to be your best. Exposing as you may imagine means uncovering the truths, lies and deceitful practices in real estate and other businesses. We will also expose common items that are confusing or hard to understand, common questions that arise with basic day to day things that you are exposed to each and every day as you go about your day. Discussing what a particular clause or legal language means, certain contingencies, etc. We will dive into all types of businesses from real estate, to retail establishments, to service industries, to professional sports, to the medical industry and so much more, nothing is off limits or off topic.
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Exposing Real Estate and Damn Near Anything Else.



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Apr 15, 2016

Exposing Real Estate & Damn Near Anything Else

Episode #6 - Appreciative of Listeners Feedback  / Season Finale of The Walking Dead / Discussing Power of Broke by Daymond John / Inspiration from  Rev D - Denise Yeargin of Unity Music City / Everyone Has a Story / Power of Mindset / Validating Ego. Please rate and review the show! Peace and love!

Shout out to Rev D. Denise Yeargin of Unity Music City, Nashville, TN for inspiring much of the episode #5 content: Peaceful willingness.

What happens on the cellular level we are train our cells to be what they are (conditioning for anger, for peace, for happiness, etc)

The season finale of The Walking Dead - Who did Negan kill? Transparency of people in the show & for the most part you know where the people stand, what they want, what they are about.

What is the Power of Broke? It’s not just financial. Falling in love with the process - innovations / ideas start at the bottom, not the top.

FUBU - For Us By Us - True meaning of FUBU & why Daymond John was able to become so successful- born out a passion.

Daymond John’s single most important thing he has learned in the thousands of conversations, speeches. How he has stayed grounded after achieving a high level of success. How he has had the ability to stay hungry. Appreciating the history of an idea.

Your ego - being jealous & admitting it, being an observer in that moment and learning from it. Discussing the pain body & what happens on the cellular level. People looking for validation for their behavior & belief.

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